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Life is like an evergoing dance,
it is us who have the full freedom to compose its choreography.

We are born to explore and experience,
to create and connect,
to chase the passion, and to live in it.

Go With The Wind was born in this spirit. 
Founded by fashion designer Scarlet, based in Granada, Spain - the birth place of Flamenco. Go With The Wind carries the nomad's free spirit, traveling around the world, dancing forever. It is a fashion brand that is beyond clothing.

Through fashion, dance, arts and cultural programs, Go With The Wind promotes a passion for life, and a colourfully vivid way of living.

Scarlet’s Story -
A Home of Go With The Wind: Return (归来)

A garden with a school of flying fish.

In the late autumn of 2009, I stumbled upon Granada, Spain. Just like the Granada song singing, I was cursed - my heart skipped a beat - I fell in love with Granada at the first sight!

A year later, my longing for Granada urged me to create this “Go With The Wind” brand, to design clothes themed around every country that I’ve visited and moved me  - starting with Spain!

In the spring of 2012, I flew from China to Spain with my design of the Spanish collection, and completed all the look shoots in Granada. Before Easter, I came across a yard that was for sale. The moment the door opened, my heart skipped a beat and immediately I decided to buy this yard, which is now the home of Go With The Wind - named “Return

For me, “Return” means returning home, and it also means returning to the heart!

After ten years of devotion, in addition to a room that I can look up to the snow-capped mountain and overlook the old city, facing the sacred hill, this home also has a sewing studio and a professional dance classroom with bamboo floors.

Go With The Wind: traveling for exotic flora, working for whimsical ideas, and paving the path for freedom.









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